Shinkichi Mitsumune was born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka on October 8, 1963 and graduated from Rikkyo University, College of Economics. From the young age of four, Shinkichi attended the Yamaha Music School and received acoustic training. Shinkichi started playing the electronic organ at the age of 10 and received tutition from Koichi Oki - a jazz organist while still in junior high school. While at university, Shinkichi started playing for professional bands following which he joined the band of jazz vocalist, Marlene, and toured various jazz festivals across Japan for about two years.

In 1995, he worked on his first anime soundtrack °…Nurse Angel Ririka SOS°… in which the profound, high-quality and soothing composition performed with a full orchestra garnered high acclaim. This performance was followed by a string of hit anime soundtracks including °»Revoluntionary Girl Utena°… (1997), °»Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters°… (2000-2004), The series °»Rozen Maiden°… (2004-2013), °»Negima! : Magister Negi Magi°… (2005), and The Series °»Zero no Tsukaima°… (2006-2012).